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Dear Partners!

About company

“Kazakh-British Study Centre M&K” has been in the education industry for over 16 years! Throughout the long years of successful work hundreds of brilliant specialists in economics and finance, production and services, art and science have become our students, clients and friends! During these years we sent over 2000 students to study abroad.

Today “M&K” is the guarantor of rendering highly professional educational services and is a reliable agent between Kazakhstani students and educational institutions around the world. Our network of international partners consists of more than 600 educational institutions, and we are working not only on its expansion, but also on improving the effectiveness of our cooperation with each university, college and school.

“M&K”, being an honorary member of the Kazakhstan Association of Educational Agencies, authoritatively declares: “for us there are no borders in the development of career opportunities for our students!”

“M&K” range of services

Today “M&K” is a recognized leader in most relevant domains:

“M&K” scope of work

“M&K” Education Abroad is an individual choice of foreign universities for Kazakhstani university entrants.

Our capabilities: 37 destinations in the world, more than 600 partner universities, more than 120 children’s summer programs. “M&K” students have access to secondary, pre-university, higher, additional and postgraduate education in leading educational institutions in countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Malta, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, USA, Canada, New Zealand, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and many others.

“M&K” Language School – is a unique learning program and qualified teachers, who have helped the employees of 235 companies and thousands of students to master the English language. “M&K” also offers other language courses:

“M&K” Examination Centre – is a center for preparation for international exams: TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, SSAT, GRE, and BEC.

We are a certified ETS (USA) center for administering TOEFL iBT exam and an authorized PEARSON VUE (UK) center for GMAT, CIA and PTE exams. 

“M&K” fairs

“Kazakh-British Study Centre M&K” regularly organizes education fairs, which earn high ratings every year from our partners, thanks to the unique format, excellent level of organization and high efficiency. Such events are always held at the “M&K” offices in Almaty and Astana, which allows us to create a very comfortable atmosphere for the guests and participants. 

Institutions promotion by “M&K” 

Kazakh-British Study Centre “M&K” is pleased to offer a wide range of advertising tools to promote your educational institution in the media space of Kazakhstan. 

Over the years of successful work, we have developed a vast audience of actual and potential customers who regularly receive relevant, interesting and timely information on the education industry through: 

“M&K” webpages in the most popular social networks: Facebook, VK, Instagram, LinkedIn, the number of subscribers is constantly growing (total number of subscribers is more than 10 000 people); Official “M&K” website (more than 7 000 visitors per month); “M&K” electronic mailing to a large and high-quality base of email addresses (more than 5 000 e-mail addresses). 

In addition, we provide and implement:

Also, we have established relationships with the leading mass media in Kazakhstan, with whom we can place the PR materials and news stories about our partners for mutual benefit. 

Thus, you have the opportunity to strengthen your presence in the informational field of the region, using “M&K” capabilities. Examples and terms specified below. 

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Looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation, your «M&K»!



Напишите нам

Корпоративным клиентам

Обучение персонала компаний – одно из важнейших направлений работы Школы M&K. Десятки ведущих международных и казахстанских компаний доверяли и доверяют M&K обучение своего персонала. Такие организации, как Royal Bank of Scotland, Ernst & Young Kazakhstan, Казахстанская Фондовая Биржа, Baker & McKenzie, Центральный депозитарий ценных бумаг, Шелл Казахстан Девелопмент Б.В, Банк Центр Кредит, Home Credit Bank, Aviation Tech Centre of International Airport, представительство "Nokia Corporation" в Республике Казахстан и многие другие компании – в числе наших клиентов. Для своих корпоративных клиентов мы разрабатываем индивидуальные программы обучения.

Обучение включает в себя как общие языковые программы, так и узконаправленные. Мы научим ваших работников эффективно взаимодействовать с зарубежными коллегами, вести переговоры, выступать публично, вести деловую переписку и многому другому.

Удобный график, учеба без отрыва от производственного процесса, возможность постоянного отслеживания прогресса ваших работников – все это направлено на то, чтобы сделать ваши инвестиции в обучение максимально возвратными.

Мы работаем в Алматы и Астане. Для работников компаний, приезжающих на курсы в Алматы из других городов, мы предлагаем специальную программу с предоставлением жилья в городе Алматы.

Индивидуальные или групповые занятия могут проходить как на территории вашего офиса, так и в наших учебных центрах.

Ежемесячно вы будете получать отчет персонального менеджера о посещаемости занятий вашими работниками. После успешного окончания курса обучения сотрудники вашей компании получат сертификат и отчет о прогрессе студента.